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National Crane Services provides professional inspections and detailed reports which enable your company to correct problems before equipment failures can occur. Our inspectors will determine the condition of your equipment by making a physical inspection. We will observe functional performance,

and provide load testing as necessary.

Our staff will prepare detailed documentation for each piece of equipment inspected. 

Documents includes:
  • Annual condition report Monthly / Quarterly report 

  • Rope and Hook report 

  • NDE - test results 

  • Deficiency / Recommendation 

  • Maintenance and Service evaluation forms 

  • Load test results 

  • Operation Audit and Evaluation Reports 

We are accredited by the United States Department of Labor under 29 CFR part 1919 and Navy P-307 qualified to inspect, test and certify Material Handling Equipment. 

We have conducted thousands of inspections under the following industry standards:
 United States Navy – P-307
  Maritime - OSHA 1918/19
  Construction - OSHA 1926
  Nuclear - RDT-8-6-T
  United States Coast Guard
  General Industry - OSHA 1910

•  Army Corps of Engineers

We inspect the following heavy lifting equipment: 
 Maritime Cranes 
 Overhead Cranes 
•  Mobile Cranes 
 Mobile Harbor Cranes
 Slings, and Shackles 
 Manlifts and Aerial Lifts 
 Boat Hoists
 Lifting Fixtures

NCS can also perform Dielectric and Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Testing on Hooks, and Shackles.


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