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Crane Training Seminars

We provide a unique training experience in beautiful Orlando, FL. Classes fill up quickly so give us a call as soon as possible to register. Our maximum class size is 12 students to insure proper instructor/student ratio. We have a list of hotels and a map we can send/fax. 


Orlando Based Seminar Courses: 


  • CCO Prep Course 

  • Mobile Operations & Rigging 

  • Overhead Operations & Rigging 

  • Mobile Inspection & Maintenance 

  • Overhead Inspection & Maintenance 



Exam Locations: National Crane Services, Orlando, FL


Training Courses

Overhead Crane Inspection and Maintenance 


Students will develop safe inspection and operating techniques on overhead cranes, monorails, jibs and hoists. Course topics will include: 


  • Daily, monthly and annual inspections 

  • Report/forms & documentation requirements 

  • Wire rope and rigging 

  • Crane standards -OSHA/ANSI/ASME/CMAA/NEC 610 

  • Examination and certificate 


Overhead Crane Operations and Rigging 


This program will enable Supervisors, Inspectors, Operators, and Safety Personnel to improve inspection, operation, and loading techniques on jibs, bridge cranes, monorail systems, and hoists. Course topics will include: 


  • Testing and certification 

  • Monthly and annual inspections 

  • Operations, communications, and safety 

  • Wire rope and rigging 

  • Operator evaluation 


Exam Locations: Your location or ours.


Training Course

This program, tailored for Trade Supervisors, Operators, Riggers, Inspectors and Safety personnel; will enable them to develop good rigging practices for the safe handling of a load. The course content is applicable to both Overhead and Mobile Cranes. 


Course topics will include: 


  • Rigging Failures and Their Causes 

  • Rigging Specialties 

  • Rigging Hardware/Types of Slings 

  • Sling Application, Methods, and Inspections 

  • Weight Calculations and Planning 


Exam Locations: Your location or ours.



Training Course

This program will enable Maintenance Personnel to develop the knowledge required to perform preventative maintenance and OSHA inspections. Course topics will include: 


  • Required OSHA/ANSI/Federal record keeping 

  • Monthly inspections 

  • Load bearing components 

  • Major components/location/stress/forces 

  • Nondestructive examination (NDE) 

  • Environment and operating conditions


Exam Locations: Your location or ours.




This course can be tailored to the students skill level to help them develop and maintain a safe working environment. Standards used will be OSHA 1910.178 and ANSI B56.1-1975. Topics covered include but not limited to: major accident causes, attachments and accessories, capacities and margins of safety, accurate record keeping, pre and post inspection procedures and review of preventative maintenance schedules to maintain safe operation. After passing the classroom exam, a skills demonstration test will be given. Students that satisfactorily pass both exams will receive their operator certification.


Exam Locations: Your location or ours.




In this course students will learn to perform daily and monthly inspections and know what records to keep, determine allowable wire rope load/capacities, properly select and inspect slings and rigging gear and be able to accurately operate the travel lift. 


This is usually a 2-3 day course for up to 12 students. All training done at your location. After successfully passing both the written and skills demonstration test (hands on), operator certification will be awarded.


Exam Locations: Your location


CCO Prep Exam The CCO is a nationally recognized nonprofit corporation that was founded in 1995 to establish independent and equal testing for both the written and skill demonstration of crane operators. The exams are administered by a qualified testing center. To be able to take the exam you must have at least 1000 hours of crane related experience in the last 5 years, meet medical requirements, and pass a written exam (core and at least one specialty) and a practical exam. For more information, you may get in touch with Kathy Johnson at NCS or if you prefer to contact the CCO organization directly their number is 703-560-2391 or


NCS can help prepare your students to pass the CCO exam.Our training classes are either in Orlando, FL or at your location and vary on the number of days depending on the skill level of your students. If the parameters are right, we can even set up your location to be a certified test site so that your operators can take the skills test on your crane. 


National Crane Services fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (CCO), and will prepare candidates for the CCO tests.


Training Courses

Mobile Crane Operations and Rigging 


This program is tailored for Supervisors, Safety Inspectors and Operators, covers equipment and capacity calculations.

Students will learn to be able to properly check out and perform daily and monthly inspections, determine allowable wire rope load and crane working capacities, properly set up the crane for operations, select and inspect slings and rigging gear, make proper crane movements with the load. Applicable standards that govern material handling safety include OSHA 1910.180, OSHA 1926.550 and ANSI B30.5. 


Course topics will include: 


  • Major accident causes 

  • Operator responsibilities and duties 

  • Crane capacities and load charts 

  • Crane set-up 

  • Wire rope and rigging 


After successful completion of written and performance examinations, certification of training will be awarded. 



Mobile Crane Inspection and Maintenance 


Students will develop safe inspection and operating techniques.

On site mobile hydraulic cranes for hands on study. 


Course topics will include: 


  • Daily, monthly and annual inspections 

  • Report/forms & documentation requirements 

  • Operator responsibilities and duties 

  • Wire rope and rigging 

  • Crane set-up and capacities 

  • Operating limitations and practical working loads 

  • Manbasket operation & safety requirements (OSHA) 

  • Major accident causes 

  • Crane standards reviewed-OSHA/ASME/ANSI/PCSA/SAE 

  • Examination and certificate 


Exam Locations: Your location or ours.




Training Courses

This catchy phrase was introduced by Dennis O’Rourke around 1979, when there became a need for employers to qualify their workers for their particular job. Several reasons that made this a sensible approach were specific site location, the potential for a large number of employees to be trained, and/or having an internal training department available within the company. 


Throughout the years, National Crane Service’s (NCS) “Train-the-Trainer” programs have evolved into three programs that fit most of the training requirement for employers. In all these programs, the employer’s in-house instructors train their employees. 


Two important aspects must be evaluated when selecting the right program. One, the experience of the instructor candidate and second the experience of their students. These two aspects will determine training topics, time of the program and its cost.


Program #1 

Objective: Provide in-house testing to determine the student’s knowledge through written and hands-on skills demonstration testing. This program is appropriate under the following parameters: 


  1. Course instructors have Journeyman experience on the specific equipment in which they are providing testing. 

  2. The company has students with various amounts of experience, and/or is new to the company, and/or need a refresher course on new equipment. 

  3. NCS will produce for the company standard instructor lesson guides for the type of equipment being tested on, and the outlines for the written and hands-on portion of the course. 


If this program option is appropriate, National Crane Services will conduct the first on-site training while being assisted by the Employers Instructor candidates. As the course progresses, the candidates take over the training under the supervision of the NCS instructor. The program and student material becomes the property of the employer for their future training. 


Program #2 

Objective: Develop training material for the employer’s specific equipment and work conditions. The course will test for knowledge and verify job skills of the students. 


  1. A site visit audit by NCS to collect information of the operations and produce visual aids on the Employer’s equipment. 

  2. The course developed will be based on the actual work conditions. The visual aids, lesson plans, tests, and course outlines will be used and given to the employer for future use. 

  3. Instructor candidates are to be of the Journeyman level on the equipment covered in the course. 

  4. NCS will conduct the first on-site training assisted by the Instructor candidates. As the course progresses, the candidates will take over the training monitored by the NCS instructor. 


Program #3 

This program is designed for new or medium level candidates having limited familiarity with the subject matter. 


  1. The candidates are required the complete 200 level 3 day NCS training course on the subject matter. It is preferred that it is conducted on-site with the employer’s equipment. 

  2. After completion of the 200 level course, ether program #1 or #2 can be selected and steps followed for successful completion of the program. 


If you are unsure which option works best for your company, or for more information, please don't hesitate to contact:

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