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National Crane Services offers heavy lift testing anywhere in the United States.

All loads are rigged with certified slings and lifting beams.

We have the experience and flexibility to perform heavy lift testing even in the most difficult situations.


NCS has portable water weights up to 500 plus tons, suitable for almost all applications and configurations. We have lifting beams to meet most lifting applications.


We offer water pumping capabilities which eliminate the need for on-site hose connections. A water supply within 400' can be used, or a fire hydrant can be the water source. In large waterbag tests, our water flow meters give back-up information for load weight determinations.



NCS can load test the following heavy lifting equipment:


  • Mobile and Overhead Cranes
  • Mobile Harbor Cranes
  • Maritime Cranes
  • Slings
  • Shackles
  • Spreader Beams



Our load cells are calibrated to provide accurate weight determinations. We have a variety of load cells, shackles, and hooks for all types of load testing configurations.


We have dead weights, up to 80,000 LB, that are modular in size to allow testing of cranes in remote locations. We also have steel tanks for testing boat hoists, straddle lifts or other maritime applications.


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